Our Style


Here at Torrey Pines Martial Arts (formerly United Studios of Self Defense Del Mar), we implement a wide mix of styles to best prepare you for any situation.

We focus on Shaolin Kempo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kung Fu weapon and animal forms, Escrima Stick fighting, and Edged Weapon training.

Private Lessons


Private Instruction is a one-on-one lesson between a student and an Instructor. These focused lessons ensure that each student will get the attention that they need to succeed. Each class is tailored to the needs of the student, which allows them to progress at a much faster rate. This allows students to ask questions and receive additional help in areas they are having difficulties with. Students may be partnered up in their private lesson to allow for more advanced principles and applications of their techniques. Private Instruction is always scheduled at the convenience of the student.

Group Instruction


In addition to Private Instruction, students may attend as many group lessons as they like. Group lessons work cardio training and are an excellent way for students to gain extra practice on their skills and techniques with other students close to their age and ability. Focused on successful practice and application, each class consists of effective self defense drills, training exercises and physical and mental conditioning to help students gain confidence and assurance in their skills and abilities.

All Torrey Pines students receive unlimited group instruction with enrollment!